PLAYING DRESS UP! 07-27-2015

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The joys of motherhood. What mother doesn’t like to play dress with her daughters. Recently, I learned how to make the Baby Barefoot Sandals. However, you cannot make the sandals without the cute headband to match. I went crazy!!! I made about 12 pairs in two days including the headbands. I posted pics on them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I ended up getting to two orders. My next project is No Sew Bow Ties. They ties can be made into bow ties, hair scrunchies, headbands, hair clips,  as well as shoe clips. I love making handmade items especially when they are made for the kids.


La Bella Brooch

Many women like to dress up their favorite outfit with signature jewelry pieces, shoes, or a purse. I like to build many of my outfit choices around my signature handmade brooches. I love brooches. I think they are classy, yet can be quite chic when worn with a pair of blue jeans, blouse, and sexy heels.


What woman does not like a gorgeous pair of shoes? I surely do! Shoes are a woman’s weakness. However, we have a hard time parting with them. We make all types of excuses for hoarding our shoes, “It’s my favorite pair, it goes with my dress, or I spent a lot of money for these shoes”. Ok, so you do not want to part with those shoes but they have become somewhat vintage. I know a perfect yet fashionable way to transform your shoe collection whether it be pumps or flats and still look and feel amazing. The new craze is shoe clips. They can be made for both children and women. The shoe clips below were handmade by me. cropped-cropped-dscf0454.jpgDSCF0434 DSCF0445 DSCF0458DSCF0452 DSCF0466

The flower shoe clips are made using fabric. Each individual flower petal is hand cut and sewn together and then attached to a shoe clip. I will be creating a DIY for this project. Check back soon!

HOOP DREAMS 5.15.2014

Who likes to rock a gorgeous pair of hoop earrings? This girl does! Not only do I love to wear large hoop earrings, I make them. I’m passionate about the jewelry I make by hand. I love color and I am not afraid to mix different bead types in my designs.

DSCF0354 DSCF2639 DSCF2634