This time of the year many Jews gather together to celebrate Pesach (Passover) while others celebrate the Resurrection of Yeshua (Jesus). For the masses, this “holiday” is commonly referred to as Easter. There has always been the debate about the origins of Easter and its connection Yeshua’s life, death, and resurrection. To put it plainly, a bunny, candy, and Easter egg hunt has absolutely nothing to do with the Resurrection of Yeshua. Therefore, all debates should cease. I am fully aware of the goddess in which this holiday has been associated with throughout history. However, it is a topic that would be long-winded so I am going to stick to my original topic, the commercialization of the Resurrection of Yeshua.

As followers of Yeshua and the children of Yahweh, we should desire not to be of the whole and take part in their ways. As adults, we are fully aware of the fact that bunnies and candy has nothing to do with the true meaning for this upcoming holiday yet many partake in these types of events leading up and on the day of Resurrection. What lies are we telling are children? I say to each its own. However, do not pass judge on me because I refuse to allow my children not to participate in the Easter Egg Hunt or Easter Program at church. I am entitled to my beliefs just as you are entitled to your beliefs.

I would love to get your thoughts about this topic. I am a very opening and accepting individual of all beliefs. I am not here to judge. I would love to exist in a world in which people could agree to disagree. Remember, we have free will and therefore, we cannot control the thoughts and actions of others.